IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications
08-13 October 2017 – Montreal, QC, Canada


Sunday 8 October 2017
Room 09:00-10:30 10:30-10:45 10:45-12:15 12:15-14:00 14:00-15:30 15:30-15:45 15:45-17:15
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Room: Verdun
Time Speaker Affiliation Talk Title
08:30-09:00 Registration
09:00-10:30 Session I: 5G Initiative and Distinguished Keynote
09:00-09:10 Welcome   Welcome Address
09:10-09:30     5G Initiative Talk
09:30-10:30 Yasser Nafei Senior Vice President , LG Electronics, USA KS-01 Accelerating the Adoption of 5G by Balancing the Technical Jargon with Customer-Centric Vocabulary
10:30-11:00 AM Coffee Break
11:00-12:30 Session II: Theme – 5G Challenges
11:00-11:15 Muquid Ali VP of Operations, AWTG Limited, UK KS-02 Challenges of Deploying 5G
11:15-11:30 Bosco Eduardo Fernandes Senior Strategic Advisor, COMCON, Germany KS-03 5G the “One Size Fits it All” Technology for the Near Future?
11:30-11:45 Li Li Senior Research Scientist, Communications Research Centre, Canada KS-04 Challenges and Innovations in Sustainable Spectrum Management for 5G
11:45-12:00 Stefano Buzzi Associate Professor, University of Cassino and Lazio Meridionale, Italy KS-05 Putting the Citizens at the Centre of the Network: Cell-Free architectures
12:00-12:30 Panel for Session II
12:30-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00-15:30 Session III: Theme – 5G Architecture
14:00-14:15 Toktam Mahmoodi Associate Professor, King’s College London, UK KS-06 Shaving the Milliseconds of Communication and Networking Protocols
14:15-14:30 Michael Starsinic Principle Engineer , InterDigital, USA KS-07 Leveraging the Service Capability Exposure Function (SCEF) in NB-IoT Device Deployments
14:30-14:45 Faqir Zarrar Yousaf Senior Researcher , NEC Labs, Germany KS-08 NFV/SDN: Technology Enablers for 5G – The Twain Shall Meet!
14:45-15:00 Yang Yang Professor, SIMIT, and Director, WiCO, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China KS-09 Open 5G Platform
15:00-15:30 Panel for Session III
15:30-16:00 PM Coffee Break
16:00–17:30 Session IV: Theme – 5G Applications
16:00-16:15 Stan Wong Professor, 5G Testbed Manager, Digital Catapult, UK KS-10 5G Security in Risks and Vulnerabilities
16:15-16:30 Belkacem Mouhouche Principal Standards Engineer, Samsung Research, UK KS-11 The Challenge of Broadcast Support in 5G Systems
16:30-16:45 Doru Calin Director & Fellow, Nokia Bell Labs, USA KS-12 The Future X Network, A Bell Labs Perspective
16:45-17:00 Klaus David Full University Professor, Kassel University, Germany KS-13 Is There any Room or Need for Beyond 5G: 6G Requirements 
17:00-17:30 Panel for Session IV


19:00-21:00 Montréal Ballroom Welcome Reception (PIMRC & 5G Summit Delegates)

Time Room Tuesday 10 October
09:00‑10:30 Montréal Ballroom PA-01: IoT Developments in Connectivity for Industrial, Infrastructure, and Individual Applications
Fontaine C TR1/S01: 5G Physical Layer I
Fontaine D TR1/S02: NOMA
Fontaine E TR1/S03: Interference I
Fontaine F TR1/S04: Signal Processing for Wireless I
Fundy TR1/S05: Source/Channel Coding I
Longueuil TR1/S06: Channel Measurement and Modeling I
St-Michel TR2/S01: D2D Communications
Fontaine G TR3/S01: 5G Architecture
Fontaine H TR3/S02: UAV-Based Communications
Jacques-Cartier TR3/S03: Association/Selection in HetNets
Pointe-aux-Trembles TR4/S01: Security and Privacy for IoT
St-Pierre TR4/S02: Content Caching and Delivery
St-Léonard SP4/S01: Resource-Efficient, Reliable, and Secure IoT in the 5G Era I
Mont-Royal DE/S01: Demo Exhibits I
10:30‑11:00 Mont-Royal AM Coffee Break
11:00‑12:00 Montréal Ballroom Welcome and Opening Remarks
KP-01: Plenary Keynote Speech on “An MSO Vision of the Network of the Futureby Luc Noiseux, SVP and CTSO, Cogeco, Canada
KP-02: Plenary Keynote Speech on “Surviving in an Uncertain World with Slow Communication Pathways” by Thrishantha Nanayakkara, Head of the Robotics and Manufacturing Theme, Imperial College London, UK
12:00‑13:30 Fontaine A-B Lunch
13:30‑15:00 Fontaine C TR1/S07: Beamforming I
Fontaine D TR1/S08: Channel Estimation I
Fontaine E TR1/S09: Cognitive Radio
Fontaine F TR1/S10: D2D Communications I
Fundy TR1/S11: Modulation I
Longueil TR2/S02: LTE and WiFi Coexistence Techniques
St-Michel TR2/S03: User Association and Discovery
Fontaine G TR3/S04: 5G Communication Protocols
Fontaine H TR3/S05: VANETS
Pointe-aux-Trembles TR3/S06: Energy Efficient/Aware Communications
Jacques-Cartier TR3/S07: Body Area Networks
St-Pierre TR4/S03: Secure Network and Service Access
St-Léonard SP4/S02: Resource-Efficient, Reliable, and Secure IoT in the 5G Era II
15:00‑16:00 Montréal Ballroom KP-03: Plenary Keynote Speech on “Wireless Dependable IoT/M2M for Reliable Machine Centric Sensing and Controlling of Medical Devices, Cars and Others” by Ryuji Kohno, Director, Centre of Medical ICT; and Professor, Yokohama National University, Japan
16:00‑16:30 Mont-Royal PM Coffee Break
16:30‑18:00 Mont-Royal DE/S02: Demo Exhibits II
Fontaine C TR1/S12: Coopertive Communications I
Fontaine D TR1/S13: Massive MIMO I
Fontaine E TR1/S14: Security I
Fontaine F TR1/S15: Signal Processing for Wireless II
Longueil TR2/S04: Power and Energy
Fontaine G TR3/S08: LTE Networks
Fontaine H TR3/S09: Vehicular Networks
Jacques-Cartier TR3/S10: Energy Efficient WSNs
Pointe-aux-Trembles TR4/S04: Cloud and Fog Computing
Fundy SP1: Big Data-Enabled 5G Systems
Time Room Tuesday 10 October
WS-07 The Internet Of Things (IoT), the Road Ahead: Applications, Challenges, and Solutions
08:30‑10:30 Lachine WS07/S01: Welcome and Opening Remarks
KW-01 Keynote Speech on “IoT: Multiple Facets of its Impact on the Economy and our Society” by Amit Mukhopadhyay, Group Leader – Future Wireless Networks Modeling, Bell Labs Consulting, Murray Hill, USA
IoT – Road Ahead: Apps, Challenges and Solutions I
13:00-15:00 WS07/S02: KW-02 Keynote Speech on “5G for Smart City and Connected Industry” by Ali Khayrallah, Engineering Director, Ericsson Research, Santa Clara, USA
IoT – Road Ahead: Apps, Challenges and Solutions II
16:30-18:30 WS07/S03: IoT – Road Ahead: Apps, Challenges and Solutions III
Closing Remarks
WS-06 Full-Duplex Technologies (FDX 2017)
09:00-10:30 Verdun WS06/S01: Full-Duplex Technologies: Interference
13:00-15:00 WS06/S02: KW-03 Keynote Speech on “Full-Duplex MIMO – Algorithms and PoC Performance” by Yang-Seok Choi, Director of RSE, Wireless Architect, Intel, USA
KW-04 Keynote Speech on “Secure Wireless Communication with Full-Duplex Radio” by Yingbo Hua, Professor, University of California, Riverside, USA
16:30-18:00 WS06/S03: Full-Duplex Communications: Systems and Networks
WS-09 New Radio Technologies (NR)
08:55‑10:30 Lasalle WS09/S01: Welcome and Opening Remarks
New Radio Technologies I
13:30-15:00 WS09/S02: New Radio Technologies II
16:30-18:00 WS09/S03: New Radio Technologies III

Time Room Wednesday 11 October
09:00‑10:30 Montréal Ballroom PA-02: 5G Research and System Design
Fontaine C TR1/S16: Beamforming II
Fontaine D TR1/S17: Coopertive Communications II
Fontaine E TR1/S18: Positioning, Localization, and Tracking I
Fontaine F TR1/S19: Security II
Fundy TR1/S20: Signal Processing for Wireless III
Longueil TR2/S05: Delay and Latency
St-Michel TR3/S11: Spectrum Management/Coexistence
Fontaine G TR3/S12: Vehicle-Assisted Communications and Services
Fontaine H TR3/S13: Routing
Jacques-Cartier TR3/S14: Resource Allocation in HetNets
Pointe-aux-Trembles TR4/S05: Smart Homes, Factories, and Cities
St-Pierre TR4/S06: 5G Network Management
St-Léonard SP3/S01: Advanced Antennas for 5G I
Mont-Royal DE/S03: Demo Exhibits III
10:30‑11:00 Mont-Royal AM Coffee Break
11:00‑12:00 Montréal Ballroom KP-04: Plenary Keynote Speech on “Decentralization: The Next Revolution in Computing and Communications” by Siavash Alamouti, President & CEO, mimik, Canada
12:00‑13:30 Fontaine A-B Lunch
13:30‑15:00 Ville-Marie PA-03: Women in Science and Technology: Towards a Real Transformation
Montréal Ballroom PA-04: Role of Unlicensed Spectrum in Next Generation Wireless Systems
Fontaine C TR1/S21: 5G Physical Layer II
Fontaine D TR1/S22: Energy Harvesting and Power Transfer
Fontaine E TR1/S23: Equalization, Detection, and Signal Processing
Fontaine F TR1/S24: Interference II
Fundy TR1/S25: Massive MIMO II
St-Michel TR1/S26: Source/Channel Coding II
Longueil TR2/S06: Cross-Layer and WLANs
Fontaine G TR3/S15: Next Generation Wireless Networks
Fontaine H TR3/S16: Self-Organized Networks
Pointe-aux-Trembles TR3/S17: Scheduling/Admission Control
St-Pierre TR4/S07: Location-based Services and Applications
St-Léonard SP3/S02: Advanced Antennas for 5G II
Jacques-Cartier SP5/S01: 5G Wireless Technologies for V2X I
15:00‑16:00 Montréal Ballroom KP-05: Plenary Keynote Speech on “The Wireless Seat Belt: An Innovative Approach for Car2P/VRU Safety Based on 5G and Machine Learning” by Klaus David, Professor, Kassel University, Germany
16:00‑16:30 Mont-Royal PM Coffee Break
16:30‑18:00 Mont-Royal DE/S04: Demo Exhibits IV
Montréal Ballroom PA-5: Urban Connectivity: Challenges and Opportunity
Fontaine C TR1/S27: Channel Estimation II
Fontaine D TR1/S28: D2D Communications II
Fontaine E TR1/S29: mm-Wave Communications
Fontaine F TR1/S30: Modulation II
Fundy TR1/S31: PHY-Layer Designs Under Practical Constraint
Longueil TR2/S07: IoT and Ultra Dense Networks
Fontaine G TR3/S18: Content/Caching Aware Cellular Networks
Fontaine H TR3/S19: Software Defined Networking
Jacques-Cartier TR3/S20: Relay Networks
Pointe-aux-Trembles TR4/S08: Localization and Positioning
St-Pierre SP5/S02: 5G Wireless Technologies for V2X II
20:00‑22:30 Montréal Ballroom Banquet
Time Room Wednesday 11 October
WS-10 Radio Transmission Technologies with Evolution and Self-Learning Algorithms (RTT-ESLA)
08:30‑10:30 Lasalle WS10/S01: KW-05 Keynote Speech on “Learning to Decode” by Kai Niu, Professor, BUPT, China
Full Radio with Evolution and Self Learning
WS-08 Massive MIMO/FD-MIMO in 5G Mobile Communications
08:30‑10:30 Lachine WS08/S01: Massive MIMO/FD-MIMO I
13:00‑15:00 WS08/S02: Welcome and Opening Remarks
KW-06 Keynote Speech on “Massive MIMO for the New Radio” by Frederick W. Vook, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, Nokia Bell Labs, USA
Closing Remarks
WS-05 Personalized Mobile Applications for Smart Cities and Smart Citizens (PMA 2017)
08:30-10:30 Verdun WS05/S01: Personalized Mobile Apps for Smart Cities and Citizens I
13:30-15:00 WS05/S02: Tutorial by Grahame Smith on “Co-Creation Technique – The User-Centric Living Labs Approach”
16:30-18:30 WS05/S03: Networking Session and Elevator Pitch
Personalized Mobile Apps for Smart Cities and Citizens II
WS-11 V2X Channel Measurements and Modeling (WVCM 2017)
13:30-15:00 Lasalle WS11/S01: Welcome and Opening Remarks
KW-07 Keynote Speech on “Channel Characteristics for Cooperative ITS and Positioning” by Fredrik Tufvesson, Professor, Lund University, Sweden
V2X Channel Measurements and Modeling I
16:30-18:00 WS11/S02: KW-08 Keynote Speech on “Observations on V2X Channel Modeling Requirements and Standards” by David Steer, Staff Engineer, Huawei Canada Research Centre, Canada
V2X Channel Measurements and Modeling II
Closing Remarks

Time Room Tuesday 10 October
9:00‑10:30 Fontaine C TR1/S32: 5G Physical Layer III
Fontaine D TR1/S33: Channel Estimation III
Fontaine E TR1/S34: Massive MIMO III
Fontaine F TR1/S35: Modulation III
Fundy TR1/S36: Signal Processing for Wireless V
Longueil TR1/S37: Optical Wireless I
St-Michel TR2/S08: Advanced Techniques
Fontaine G TR3/S21: Evaluation of Communications Protocols
Fontaine H TR3/S22: Learning Algorithms in Networks
Jacques-Cartier TR3/S23: Power Management/Awareness
Pointe-aux-Trembles TR3/S24: Security, Privacy, and Secrecy
St-Pierre TR4/S09: Wireless Emerging and Multimedia Services
St-Laurent TR4/S10: Machine Learning and Data Analytics
Lasalle WS04 – TR4/S11: Economics of Wireless Virtualization (Joint Session)
St-Léonard SP6/S01: Mission-Critical Communications I
Mont-Royal DE/S05: Demo Exhibits V
10:30‑11:00 Mont-Royal AM Coffee Break
11:00‑12:00 Montréal Ballroom KP-06: Plenary Keynote Speech on “Building the Road to 5G” by Javan Erfanian, Chief Editor, NGMN 5G Initiative; and Distinguished Member of Technology, Wireless Technology Strategy, Bell Canada
12:00 ‑ 13:30 Fontaine A-B Lunch
13:30 ‑ 15:00 Fontaine C TR1/S38: Coopertive Communications III
Fontaine D TR1/S39: Massive MIMO IV
Fontaine E TR1/S40: Positioning, Localization, and Tracking II
Fontaine F TR1/S41: Security III
Fundy TR1/S42: Synchronization
St-Michel WS03 – TR1/S43: Coexisting Radio and Optical Wireless (Joint Session)
Longueil TR2/S09: Resource Allocation I
Fontaine G TR3/S25: M2M, D2D, and MANETs
Fontaine H TR3/S26: Data Sensing, Aggregation, and Diffusion
Pointe-aux-Trembles TR3/S27: Interference/Collision Aware Communications
St-Pierre TR4/S12: Network Virtualization and Management I
St-Léonard SP6/S02: Mission-Critical Communications II
15:00‑16:00 Montréal Ballroom KP-07: Plenary Keynote Speech on “Multiple Access for 5G – Challenges Ahead” by Hikmet Sari, Chief Scientist, Sequans Communications; and Professor, NUPT, China
16:00 ‑ 16:30 Mont-Royal PM Coffee Break
16:30 ‑ 18:00 Fontaine C TR1/S44: 5G Physical Layer IV
Fontaine D TR1/S45: Channel Measurement and Modeling II
Fontaine E TR1/S46: Performance Analysis
Fontaine F TR1/S47: Signal Processing for Wireless VI
Fundy TR1/S48: Optical Wireless II
Longueil TR2/S10: Resource Allocation II
Fontaine G TR3/S28: Satellite, mm-Wave, and LiFi Communications
Fontaine H TR3/S29: Networks and Computing
Pointe-aux-Trembles TR4/S13: Network Virtualization and Management II
Jacques-Cartier SP2: Software-Defined Edge Computing in Smart Cities
Time Room Thursday 12 October
WS-04 Cognitive Radio and Innovative Spectrum Sharing Paradigms for Future Networks (CRAFT 2017)
08:30‑10:30 Lasalle WS04 – TR4/S11: Welcome and Opening Remarks
KW-09 Keynote Speech on “Wireless Network Virtualization, Business Opportunities and Economic Aspects” by Toktam Mahmoodi, Associate Professor, King’s College London, United Kingdom
Economics of Wireless Virtualization (Joint Session)
WS-03 Coexisting Radio and Optical Wireless Deployments (CROWD 2017)
13:30‑15:00 St-Michel  WS03 – TR1/S43: Coexisting Radio and Optical Wireless (Joint Session)
WS-01 Communication for Networked Smart Cities (CORNER)
08:30‑10:30 Verdun WS01/S01: Communications for Networked Smart Cities I
13:00‑15:00 WS01/S02: KW-10 Keynote Speech on “Efficient Coding for Cloud Storage” by Masoud Ardakani, Professor, University of Alberta, Canada
Communications for Networked Smart Cities II
16:30‑18:00 WS01/S03: Communications for Networked Smart Cities III
WS-02 Cognitive Radio and Innovative Spectrum Sharing Paradigms for Future Networks (CRAFT 2017)
9:00-10:30 Lachine WS02/S01: Welcome and Opening Remarks
Talk by Oliver Holland on “Thoughts on Database-Driven Spectrum Sharing for 5G”
Fifth-Generation Networks
13:30-15:00 WS02/S02: Resource Allocation and Access
16:30-18:00 WS02/S03: Context and Constraints
Discussion on Conclusions and Observations/Take-Aways from the Workshop