IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications
08-13 October 2017 – Montreal, QC, Canada

Montréal in the Fall

Montreal in the fall may seem like a lot of hustle and bustle with locals returning to their daily grind post-Labor day. And you’d be forgiven for assuming festival season winds down in turn. After all, it seems like every other city in North America tempers its summer parties to make way for, I dunno, business conferences?

There’s just one thing folks. This is Montreal, the city of festivals, the city with a joie de vivre that just won’t quit. You might think Montreal fall events are in short supply after barely recovering from the summer blitz that puts this city on the map every year, but we don’t call Montreal a city of festivals for nothing. Celebrating god-knows-what is a year-round commitment in these parts and falling leaves is just another excuse to get out there and enjoy life and its charming, little perks.

Bienvenue à Montréal!


Canadian Thanksgiving: Quebec’s Action de Grâce

Every year, Canadian Thanksgiving falls on the second Monday of October, weeks ahead of American Thanksgiving. Yes, Canada enjoys its turkey dinner and family reunions and select Canadian retailers and manufacturers have, in recent years, mirrored American Black Friday sales with bargain discounts of their own. Canadian Thanksgiving falls this year on Monday, October 9 during PIMRC 2017! So please come and bring along family to enjoy the spirit of reunion, gratitude, and shared happiness of Thanksgiving in Montreal with its unique French “Action de Grâce” taste. And come to enjoy the exceptional shopping deals that the very famous Sainte-Catherine Street, with its highest density of shops and boutiques in North America, might offer you on Thanksgiving day!

Remembering Remembrance Day in Montreal

Le Jour du Souvenir:  Honoring the men and women who sacrificed their well-being to protect ours, the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month is recognized in silence across the country since 1919, a traditional tribute to Canada’s armed forces who died in the throes of war and peacekeeping efforts.

Montreal Santa Claus Parade

The Défilé du Père Noël: Of all of Montreal’s parades, the Montreal Santa Claus Parade, otherwise known as the Défilé du Père Noël, is easily the most popular one of all, attracting in the upwards of 300,000 people to the city’s downtown core for a glimpse of its twentysomething floats and its notably engaging participants. It’s also one of Montreal’s most popular Christmas events.


Apple Picking Orchards

Apple picking orchards near Montreal? Take your pick, no pun. The city is auspiciously surrounded by several dozen orchards, and in many cases, that means a less than one hour’s drive.

Pumpkin Patch Picking

When fall hits Montreal, a common, seasonal, knee-jerk reaction is to head out to the country for an afternoon of apple picking. But apples aren’t the only pick-your-own fruit on the autumn block. The squash family -think zucchinis, butternuts, and of course, Halloween’s chief edible mascot, the pumpkin- also primes itself for fall picking season from roughly mid-August until the end of October, give or take two weeks depending on weather conditions during growing season.

Leaf Peeping

Pick a park. Any park. The city comes alive with color every fall season as tree leaves gradually lose their green­producing chlorophyll when the days shorten and temperatures drop. As the green fades, yellows, oranges and reds take its place and tourists from the world over flock to Quebec to get a glimpse of what’s considered one of the most beautiful fall foliage locations in the world!